Health and Nutrition

Disclaimer: I am not a nutrition specialist. What is on this page is for the benefit of my patients who have health challenges and is meant to help educate them so they can make up their own mind about how to manage their health.

My interest in nutrition comes from the concern I am passionate about optimizing mental function for my vision therapy patients. What follows are a few guidelines for better health through proper nutrition from experts that I trust.

First you need a basic science primer on how do we know anything about medical advice. Watch this first:

For adults: Bulletproof

A quick guide on how to upgrade what you eat: Bulletproof Guide

One of the biggest problems in our diet is wheat see this quick video

Simple diet advice for better body composition (losing fat gaining muscle): John Kiefer

The reason poor diet leads to ADD/ADHD and why we need high quality fats in our diet for proper brain function.

For adults having babies: The Better Baby Book 

For families to get coaching Angelle Batten

For those who have autoimmune disease or hormonal imbalance: Jack Kruse Epi-Paleo diet

For Migraine sufferers. Another Migraine article>

Also consider(especially if your skeptical that diet can play a major role in disease causation): Terry Wahls

For those who know someone with dementia: Mary T. Newport, M.D.

Comprehensive plan: Dan's Plan 

One of the most problematic foods in the modern diet is wheat. Here is a good summary of Dr. Davis' book Wheat Belly.

A major problem that prevents weight loss is that people eat foods that inflammatory. A great way to solve that is a rotational diet so you can determine if you react to certain foods. A great resource to do this is JJ Virgin's diet.

Another major problem is sugar consumption. Here is a Dr. Lustig explaining how we came to have so many problems with sugar in our diet.

Why carbs and sugar are the reason cancer is increasing.

Breathing instruction.

Some of my favorite Podcast shows:

Some good reading: